We chose our company name based on the fact that we are located in a city described by some as having the “most opinionated ZIP code in America” and from the Middle English word “commun” – or relating to a community, thus City Common.

Now, what is it that we actually do?

For starters, we enjoy writing code, not any type of code, but useful code something that will help someone achieve a task. One of our application that we wrote is a web based logistic solution to be used by rowing clubs.

We like putting web sites together and we love Wordpress. As a matter of fact this site is running on Wordpress.

What else, … oh, we like setting up wireless networks or networks in general. Maybe you have a need for a Wi-Fi “Hot spot” or maybe you just need a better networking solution for your office. Whatever the need, we are here to help you.


Since we have our own servers “sitting” on the internet, we can provide you with hosting and support if this is what you need and are here to help you with your Wordpress application and plugins. In case you decide to go on your own we highly recommend the folks at LiquidWeb as your hosting provider. These guys are great!

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, the lamp drawing stands not only for great ideas but also for the Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP also called the LAMP stack we are using to develop new applications (sorry no Windows).

So, in conclusion we are here to provide you, the community at large our services related to web based application software (design and implementation) and networking solutions.

If we cannot do it we might be able to point you in the right direction …

Just ask, we may be able to help you!